About Me

Bobby Chacko is a veteran CPG executive and entrepreneur who has spent the last 25 years as a

transformational leader driving progress, equality and sustainability across multiple industries.

Working with iconic brands in category leading companies like Mars, The Coca-Cola

Company, ABInbev, and GE Capital, he has been a dynamic change agent impacting

businesses across US and international markets. Most recently Bobby was the President

and CEO of Ocean Spray Inc., a cooperative with $2 billion in global sales, where he

delivered a significant innovative renovation and transformation of a 90-year-old company.

Bobby’s early experiences have no doubt fueled his success. He is the youngest of 4 siblings,

born and raised in Nigeria to immigrant Indian educator parents. He began his journey at

15 years old coming to the United States alone as an international college student. Upon

graduation at 19, his student visa was expiring leaving weeks to find a job that would

sponsor a work visa. Walking building to building, floor to floor through Manhattan’s

midtown streets he cold-called businesses. Eventually that hard work and determination

persevered. With days to spare, he became the youngest employee at Marketing

Management Analytics (MMA).

From that first job at 19 to today, Bobby’s experience and impact on business and

community have cut across many facets. From integrating companies for rapid growth, to

founding an in store technology group in financial services, to pioneering new products, to

shaping global marketing and innovation strategies for iconic brands, to opening up

international markets for fast emerging category busters, to the transformation and

restructuring of divisions and companies for strategic events including strategic

acquisitions and divestures- each of these experiences shaped and formed Bobby as the

strategic and transformational leader he is today. He has worked across 30+ international

markets, including having lived in Europe, Latin America, and Africa, affording him a rare

globally insightful skill-set most C-suite executives only dream of.

Bobby is known to be a key driver of diversity in thought and equality in the workplace. He

sets significant performance and progressive cultural accountability with his leadership

teams as well as himself. He fosters a debate-oriented environment with a strong

meritocracy and an edict of accountability “do what you say you will do” balanced with

strategy and execution. Bobby’s community involvement has included support behind local

Food Banks, Childhood Health & Education, Habitat for Humanity and community

sustainability efforts.

Bobby has served on the Board of Directors of Ocean Spray, Consumer Brands Association,

National Council of Farmer Cooperative, Trustee of GICL, Chamber of Commerce, and other


Bobby has a B.S. in Communications and Computer Science from Southern Connecticut State

University and has completed executive education programs at Columbia University in

Corporate Finance and GE’s Leadership Development Center in Global M&A

Bobby and his family currently live in Boston, MA.


About Bobby Chacko