Bobby Chacko: How Does Leadership Impact Branding?

Bobby Chacko

July 9, 2021

From the top down, a company’s brand is largely made up of its people. Bobby Chacko has his degree in Communications and Computer Sciences as well as a background in marketing, but he says branding is largely dependent on company culture. His experience comes after 25 years of working with big American corporations, like Coca-Cola, Mars and Ocean Spray.

Leadership Should Inspire Company Transformation

It can’t just be a top-down change, says Chacko. Organizational change only occurs when all players get on board and see the vision.

Leadership is crucial because it can inspire change or create a forced culture. It’s a fine line to walk, Chacko says. A leader has to embody the change they want to see. The entire team will set the tone for the brand as they create the face-to-face customer experience.