Bobby Chacko: Using Online Tools To Your Advantage To Grow Your Business

Bobby Chacko

August 6, 2020

Bobby Chacko

With more and more businesses going online as a result of the pandemic, it is now more crucial than ever to have a basic understanding of what tools you have at your disposal when looking to grow your business online. One entrepreneur, Bobby Chacko, has been working hard at the online marketing game for some time and has years of experience under his belt of what is required of digital entrepreneurs. “It may feel like there are only secrets out there but there are actual tools you can use to grow your business.” Bobby Chacko says. “Those tools are all around us.” Bobby Chacko continues. What is he referring to? Well, it might surprise you that these tools he is talking about are some of the tools that you more likely than not are already using on an everyday basis.

1. Zoom

“We are already using this on a daily basis so it just makes sense to take it one step further and use it as part of your business arsenal.” Bobby Chacko says when referring to the internet communications giant that has taken off in conjunction with the coronavirus pandemic. “Since you are already familiar with the tool, going the next step and figuring out where it fits into your overall strategy won’t be that complicated.” That is how it has worked for Bobby Chacko as the entrepreneur has begun to use it as a webinar tool with some success. “It has been such a huge boost for us. Whereas we wouldn’t see some of these leads in normal times, now we are getting so much interest for our Zoom webinars.” Bobby Chacko continues.

2. Email

While email has been disrespected so many times in favor of other newer and “hotter” applications, Bobby Chacko believes email isn’t going away anytime soon. “Getting into someone’s inbox is like getting into their bedroom. What could be hotter than that?” Bobby Chacko says not hiding his typical bad boy persona. “It is something that we all use but seldom take advantage of in terms of its business potential.” Bobby Chacko continues. At the end of the day, figuring out the right email marketing system will be of utmost importance but the basic principles of email design and copywriting are all there. “Sometimes I feel like you don’t even need a special email CRM system. As long as you can craft a meaningful letter to your Rolodex of contacts, you should be able to get a few bites.” Bobby Chacko says. In Bobby’s eyes, as in this case, it is all about the content.

3. Social Media

Speaking of content, social media is another huge online tool you can use to grow your company. “Sure we are all tired of scrolling Instagram but hey, aren’t we all addicted at this point? Why not take advantage of that?” Bobby Chacko says. From this perspective, it is easy to see that social media isn’t going away anytime soon and it is time to really dig deep and get everything we can out of it.

Tools that we use on an everyday basis are here for the using. By digging through the layers and reading in between the lines, we can leverage our understanding of them into business growth vectors. “Social media, email, and Zoom aren’t going away anytime soon. Let’s start really finding out how far we can go.” Bobby Chacko says.