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Using experience, insight, and with a focus on sustainability, Bobby Chacko has made a career of helping companies get to the next level with innovative leadership. In these uncertain times post COVID-19 pandemic, innovation and sustainability have taken on new importance.

“One thing that has remained consistent; hard work pays off,” Bobby Chacko.

Through his experience, education, and diligence, Bobby Chacko has developed an ability in business transformation that few CEO's have experienced. From understanding what it means to work your way up from the bottom, to working with renown brands like the Mars Company, Coca-Cola, ABInbev, Ocean Spray, and GE Capital, Bobby Chacko has put his experience to work in implementing changes helping companies be more successful.

From the ground floor to the board room, Bobby Chacko has also spent a great deal of time leading, developing, and guiding entire industries. Serving on the boards of companies and organizations such as the Consumer Brands Association, National Council of Farmer Cooperative, and on the Chamber of Commerce, have afforded Bobby Chacko unique insights and opportunities.

As a veteran CPG executive and entrepreneur with nearly three decades of experience and valuable leadership lessons to share, Bobby Chacko can demonstrate proven results from his early efforts of going door to door as a young college graduate.

“There is no substitute for innovation because things are always changing,” Bobby Chacko.

When Bobby Chacko isn't busy lending his expertise or helping a company get to the next level, he can likely be found spending time with his family in Boston. Another lesson Bobby Chacko has learned and has taken to heart is learning how to find a healthy balance between work and family.


And just ask Bobby, some lessons are easier to learn than others.


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